$RISU Token — Implementing Proven Tokenomics Without Taking The Shortcuts They Create

Baby $RISU Token

Each day, several brand new tokens are mined as cavalier attempts to strike gold. Anyone who has a grasp of the crypto scene knows that there seems to no end to the constant barrage of fresh crypto. This is not necessarily a bad thing however. It’s an exciting time in the crypto wild west. Every where you look is a new contender attempting to win the hearts of reddit and twitter alike. While this high volume is good in its cultivation of competition and free exchange of ideas, this excess can fail the proprietor in the field of quality.

Baby $RISU Token

What Baby Risu has set out to do is to offer all that is good from this unprecedented time, but offer it with quality in mind. After all, what would be the point in having so many tokens come before you, if you fail to learn from their mistakes?

Consider the brief history of the crypto boom. Doge coin would be the first of its kind — a coin not masquerading as some revolutionary banking tool in decentralized finance. Doge coin trail blazed a path for like minded coins and tokens. But rather than creating another Doge others created a path of less resistance by creating deflationary coins rather than inflationary.

It should also be borne in mind that most of the cryptocurrencies currently available today, however, were built on the basis of an inflationary structure. the number of these coins in advance has been set at the maximum level and is marketed in different ways until this level is obtained or the number of tokens/coins has not been predetermined and can be marketed indefinitely.

Another improvement being made is that of the buyback process. Another take on the deflationary coin that lessens the path of resistance for the coin. These hyper deflationary protocols and contracts are implemented in order to let the coding do the work rather than marketing.

But what if all of these improvements were implemented without taking the shortcuts that they create. Baby Risu is resolved to utilize all of the proven methods of coins that have come before with our sacrificing a robust marketing strategy and a full time development team constantly pushing the product.

This is the beginning of something spectacular.

Powered by a finely tuned contract, and a healthy dose of cuteness, this precise buyback mechanism will lay the grounds for an intentional and realistic roadmap, at the speed of hyper-deflation. Holders will go nuts for static rewards, redistribution, and consistent updates from Baby Risu’s development team, every baby step of the way.

Baby Risu holders will be confident as they: accrue more tokens over time simply for holding; gain governance over roadmap and tokenomics related decisions; receive realistic and precise updates on the future of the coin, roadmap, and swap exchange — all straight from the squirrel’s mouth

Behind Baby Risu’s fluffy and soft exterior is a well-oiled squirrel-shaped machine. This machine will be monitored and tweaked by the governing holders, and fueled by a dedicated marketing team that will shout of Baby Risu’s cuteness from the mountain tops. While we at Baby Risu are resolved to keep all hands on deck for the longevity of the project, we understand that the true power of any cryptocurrency is in the hands of the holders. We know that we can cultivate a vibrate and thriving community that will see Baby Risu through a spectacular adventure.

Official Baby $RISU Token launching June 30th, 3:33 PM EST

Baby Risu born to climb 🐿

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Baby Risu born to climb 🐿

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